Saturday, September 2, 2017

Last days of summer vacation

Shortly before the second school term began, Sarah (my Singaporean JET batchmate who was based in Hiroshima) spent a few days at my place in Tokyo, having just returned from a month long trip in Taiwan. We decided to explore some neighbourhoods that we had never been to and just have a relaxing couple of days before she left Japan.

The first place we wanted to see was Inokashira Park in Kichijoji. Even after travelling/living in Japan for the past four years, I've never made a visit to this area in Tokyo - so when Sarah suggested it, I figured it was finally time to see it. This was also the first week since I purchased my Fujifilm X100T camera and I was quiote excited to start using it.

Kichijoji on a weekday afternoon

The park was a bit of a walking distance away from the station, so we had sushi for lunch, then strolled through the neighbourhood for a bit before arriving at the park.

There was a small and tranquil shrine in the park, and most visitors found their way there for some shade under the trees, and a brief respite from the heat.

Re-loading film
We then headed to the more well-known area of the park: the pond famous for its swan boat rides, especially in spring.

We decided to rent one of these swan boats without realising we had to paddle the entire way. It was so tiring, y'all. Nobody mentioned this on any online platform ever. After half an hour, we've pretty much had our workout for the day. Overall, pretty (and romantic) views but strongly would not recommend if you're intending to just relax and float around on the lake. Lol. Still, it provided a lot of fun and laughter for the day.

The summer views here were, too, beautiful in their own ways.

We headed to Koenji, another nearby popular city in the later half of the afternoon and just took the time to walk through some of the streets, shrines and residential areas.

Kishō-jinja (気象神社) is famous for granting good weather on important occasions.
Found a little kappa statue in the residential area!

The mailboxes in Koenji have quirky and wonderful designs too.

At the end of the day, we returned to my neighbourhood and had yakiniku

The next day, we decided to hang out at my favourite 'hood - Korakuen (後楽園) or specifically, the Tokyo Dome and Laqua area. This place makes me feel so young - maybe it's the amusement park rides, or the numerous teenagers/students who frequent Laqua before some idol's concert at Tokyo Dome, but it will always be one of my favourite places in the entire city. I come here every other week because it's convenient for me and I get to avoid all the crowds at Ikebukuro/Shinjuku.

Stopped by Bubba Gump for lunch!

Before Sarah left Japan, we also made sure we took a couple of purikura :)

Thank you for making the last few days of my summer holidays so memorable! ♡

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