Friday, February 3, 2017


Clearly I do not know how to maintain a blog and update regularly.................
It is now the 4th of February and I have successfully passed the actual New Year's Day, the LUNAR new year (28 January) and even the start of spring (節分, today) before writing this post today.

Anyway, I'm just going to take this as the customary year-end reflections for 2016 and for the start of 2017.

Where do I even begin? 2016 passed so quickly that I can hardly remember it. I know there was more good in it than bad. I was able to get everything I wished for, and I am grateful. I too left with some regrets, but I know in time to come I will see them as well-needed teachings. There are so many things that I wish I could have said, and many I wish I could have left unsaid. I had the chance to meet so many new friends, and I still keep my old ones in close contact. Overall, it wasn't a bad year for me. Unfortunately, I know that can be said otherwise for the general happenings in the world, so I want to continue to help, or just be aware, in however small ways I possibly can and pray for the best.

As I retired my 2016 Hobonichi planner, I saw what I wrote at the start of last year and it fills me with so much gratitude that I did accomplish what I hoped I would:

Here's to 2017.

And as of right now, I can hardly believe that it's already February. So much has happened since the year began. I learnt a Japanese saying from my colleague about the last school semester is the most fleeting period of the year: -

ichigatsu wa iku, nigatsu wa nigeru, sangatsu wa saru

Loosely translated, it means January will move along, February will escape, and March will leave. The phrase is a play on the first syllable of the months and the corresponding verbs (い、に、さ).

It certainly feels like it. Winter is coming to an end soon, and before long, I'll be celebrating spring for the first time too.

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