Friday, December 25, 2015


Hey, Internet. After a long time away from blogging, I've decided it would be good to continue this hobby. I am trying to prove to myself that I have a life outside of work or being a sloth at home, and I hope that this resolution can bring me the motivation to live a better and more fulfilling 2016.

A bunch of us (friends and myself) had some pretty ambitious plans for Christmas this year - the biggest plan involved renting a local Airbnb apartment that came with cooking and baking facilities, and cooking an entire Christmas dinner from scratch. Turkey, roast beef, you know, the works. The only things that didn't work in our favour were:

1) Cost: even though some apartments were quite affordable, we couldn't really justify spending that much just to celebrate Christmas
2) Time/Availability: all of us have started working, and most only have the day off on Christmas itself and not before
3) Expertise: the skills required to cook or bake anything decent, much less an entire menu from scratch

In other words, everything did not work in our favour. We eventually settled for a good old BYOF (food)  + BYOB (booze) potluck dinner at a friend's home. No rules on any specific type of cuisine, so this turned out to be one of the most assorted potluck spreads anyone has ever eaten. There was macaroni and cheese, tomato bruschetta, potato and meat kebabs, sambal prawn and mango salad, nyonya-style chicken curry, and chinese boiled soup. Uniquely Singapore, indeed.

Attempted to toast bread in the microwave grill oven for the bruschetta, and who needs tongs when you have chopsticks? #chinese

December is unusually warm in Singapore this year. But the company was wonderful, and I'm glad to have spent Christmas evening with this bunch, playing Cards Against Humanity and opening presents.

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